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Building Websites

Clean and Responsive Design

Modern websites include concepts such as a clean and responsive design. Think larger fonts, good use of white space, and content broken into bite sized blocks. All of these elements must resize and restack nicely depending on what device it's being viewed on (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Web Applications

Creating Business Efficencies

I specialize in full-stack web development. A majority of the web-based software that I have created has been in the natural disaster industries, being wildfires and avalanche forecasting/mitigation. I have authored and co-authored products which are used by fortune 500 insurance companies as well as transportation departments. I also work with small businesses, often helping them to sell products through e-commerce or services and events via registration systems.

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website design bozeman montana


Cartography and Geospatial Analysis

I have been involved with GIS on a variety of levels, including creating custom maps for the National Park Service, as well as building complex spatial analysis tools and web-based interactive maps. Most of my interest lies with integrating GIS directly into web-based software or websites, as maps can help to create spatial awareness and provide meaningful visual aids.


My background in technology includes website design, software development and GIS. I have a degree in Computer Science, which taught me programming, data structures, and the core principals relating to these various aspects of technology. I have enjoyed taking this base knowledge and using it to solve real-world problems for businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Now based in Bozeman Montana, I find this to be an excellent place to pursue and grow in the technology field. From a creative perspective it's inspiring on several fronts, as the town has smart people, modern architecture, new startup companies, and of course is surrounded by big mountains and vast rolling plains. For good reason, in recent years Bozeman has become a tech hub, which means there are great resources available and plenty of oppurtunity to learn and expand.

I am currently availible and interested in collaborating on projects both local or remote.